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Dr. Sherman E. Davis is the senior pastor at Tabernacle Baptist Church. He was voted in as pastor in 1977 just as he was about to graduate from Bible College. At the time there were fewer than 20 people attending this relatively new and struggling independent Baptist church.It is hard to believe that only several years earlier this young preacher from Martinsville, Virginia had been a hard-drinking troublemaker who hoped to join the Warlocks motorcycle gang. God had other plans for him, and after his wife Darlene first trusted Jesus Christ as Saviour, she finally persuaded him to come to church where he got gloriously saved and, as he put it “God squeezed my heart and made juice come out of my eyes”.

From that day forward he was never the same.It wasn’t long before God called him to prepare for the ministry by attending Tabernacle Baptist Bible Institute in Virginia Beach. He and his wife sold their home in Martinsville and along with their two sons Jon and Billy, moved to Virginia Beach. At first he did construction work, but later got a job with the railroad, while at the same time trying to study and prepare for the ministry. The year before graduating God blessed them with another child, this time a daughter named Tracey.

Once he graduated and moved his family to King George he found it necessary to work many different jobs as he pastored this tiny church. One of those jobs was painting the Nice Bridge which connects Virginia to Maryland. For several years he was a substitute teacher for King George schools and through his contacts he was able to meet numerous people. It was many more years before he finally gave up his secular jobs completely and was able to devote his time to the church alone. Through the years he has become a part of King George, and King George a part of him.  He has conducted the weddings of numerous couples, witnessed the birth of their babies, and preached the funerals of many others.Almost from the beginning Pastor Davis has led the church to be missions-minded.

We help support over one hundred missionaries around the world and hope to add to that number. He points to this emphasis as just one of the reasons God has blessed Tabernacle. Although no one thing can be isolated as a magic formula, the “overnight success” of the ministry at Tabernacle Baptist Church is the result of over thirty years of Pastor Davis’ and his dear wife’s labors in the community.


Tabernacle is a Fundamental Independent Baptist Church teaching from the King James Bible.



Tabernacle Baptist Church
10640 Kings Highway
King George, VA 22485

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